Sickness [Rurouni Kenshin]

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And now, one old-school sickfic rec...

Title: Fever Dreams
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Location: here
Author: Sekihara Tae
Author Website: The Akabeko
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-Chapter
Keywords: Kenshin, Kaoru
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG
Comments: A fever does interesting things to the inside of Kenshin's head, turning his illness into a psychological roller-coaster for both him and those around him. This fic explores Kenshin's mind, and gives a beautiful portrayal of the strength and constancy of his love for Kaoru.
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Annnnnd that's it for Deathfic! If you should happen to stumble upon the heartbreaking story of A's tragic demise between now and February, please make a note of it somewhere, as we'll probably be doing another free choice "month" during the last two weeks of February.

The theme for December is Sickness, and it starts now. Fics recced for this theme can be serious or fluffy -- all we require is that at least one character be ill.
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Just a short reminder that there are only 30 days in November and so tomorrow (or today, depending on your time zone) will be the last day to post recommendations for fics where at least one character dies.

Starting December 1st, the theme will be Sick!fic. Fluffy stories where the protagonist comes down with a cold and is nursed back to health by his or her Twu Wuv or angsty stories where someone is suffering from a wasting illness, it's your call, though in the spirit of the season...
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Deathfic Rec

This one for now. *still needs to figure out what else fits in this category*

Title: Paved With Good Intentions
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Location: here on quillofferings or FFN
Author: surefall and aishuu
Author Website/Email/LJ: see above
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-Chapter
Keywords: AU, multi-pairing, somewhat epic, angels/demons.
Genre: Gen, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, AU
Rating: PG
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Deathfic - Yu Go Oh!

First, a quick reminder that we're about halfway through November. If you ever wanted to rec fanfiction where at least one character dies, the next two weeks would be the time!

Second, a recommendation:

Title: Being Dead Ain't Easy
Author: D. Draggy
Series: Yu Gi Oh!
Notes: Joey Wheeler dies and comes back as a ghost. (So this is possibly more "ghost story" than "death fic".) Eventual Seto/Joey and the pairing stuff is kind of melodramatic and ridiculous. (Have you ever read something where the author was so good at cannon characterization that she sort of sabotages her own pet fanon pairing?) But the story takes a long time to get there. XD; Hilarious but also epic, good voice.
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That's it for Trained Killer! Save the rest for the next free-choice month. (Maybe we'll do one in February? ...Which is short month, anyway.)

From now until the end of November, the theme is Deathfic -- meaning, fanfiction where at least one character dies (who doesn't die in canon).
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Trained Killers [Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kreuz]

Title: A Telling Gesture
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Author: Madamhydra
Comments: A "could have easily been" story involving Saitoh Hajime and what he sees during a casual walk around town. A little snippet by one of RK fandom's classic writers, in which Kenshin involuntarily shows that hitokiri wa hitokiri.

Title: Rurouni Battousai / Edge of the Blade -- prologue (links to the next part are at the bottom of each chapter)
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Author: tag0
Comments: WIP. A reimagining of the RK TV series, in which Kenshin doesn't have a non-killing vow...but nobody knows that. tag0's Kenshin has satisfyingly rendered motivations and a harder edge than the original. The actual events that take place are, so far, the same as in canon, but it's a serious headtrip to re-watch the series after reading this fic (I speak from experience), because the internal monologue that tag0 gives Kenshin during the events is both very convincing and very un-Rurouni-like.

Title: Uke/Seme Dynamics
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Author: Celeste (aka peroxidepest17)
Comments: Just because they're trained killers doesn't mean they have to act professional... XDDD The actual writing isn't gut-bustingly funny, but the scenario alone is enough to make me find this hilarious. XD
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Sorry, ran over deadline again. -_-; And after giving us a whole month, too! Anyway, to be fair to others who may (like me) have seen this month's deadline sneak up on them, Trained Killers will continue to be the theme through the weekend. (So for the rest of today if it's Sunday in your timezone, or tomorrow if where you live it's still Saturday.)

To be honest I was expecting to see at least one Gundam Wing rec for this theme...

Starting Monday, November 5th and continuing until December 1st, the theme will be Deathfic: fanfiction where at least one character dies (who doesn't die in canon). This theme poached from inspired by fst.
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Trained Killers - FF7, Naruto, Swordspoint, Tokyo Babylon

Running late -_-;.

Title: a study in bs
Fandom: FF7
Author: memlu
Comments: Reno and Rude being jerks.

Title: [untitled]
Fandom: Naruto
Author: mattador
Comments: Short story where Anko is Hanabi's genin instructor. I like the implied motivation here: not thinking about the ethics of a system that trains pre-teens to kill, just continuing the status quo for family and friends. Part of a series, with lynxlady, collected here. (Edit: Forgot to mention that this full of Anko/Hanabi UST.)

Title: als Selbstzweck
Fandom: Swordspoint
Author: Todesengel (no contact info since it's Yuletide)
Comments: Ummm, Alec thinks Richard assassinating people is hot? Short oneshot.

Title: White Hands
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X
Author: Leareth
Comments: The ultimate oldskool Seishirou fic.