Inner Voice (inner_v0ice) wrote in fanthology,
Inner Voice

Stockholm Syndrome (Naruto)

Title: Vessel
Fandom: Naruto
Author: RiikiTikiTavi
Author Website: Lemon Wing
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-Chapter
Keywords: Deidara/Sakura, Kisame, Itachi
Genre: Romance, a bit of Drama
Rating: PG
Comments: To paraphrase the author's notes, 'something along the lines of a fluffy forbidden romance. If forbidden romances had fluff, that is. And a sociopath as the romantic lead.' One of the interesting things about this case of Stockholm Syndrome is that, since the characters are ninja, not only is it being purposely cultivated, but everyone involved is aware of its being at work...
'…and it was working. She knew what they were doing, and it was still working.
Sakura would never dismiss a cliché out-of-hand again.'

Another interesting thing, of course, is that it mostly works the wrong way 'round. ^_^

this fic also has a WIP sequel (or actually a not!sequel according to the author, who never intended Vessel to have a sequel), Diplomacy.
Tags: series: naruto
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