subdee (sub_divided) wrote in fanthology,

horror, death note

I didn't think I'd be able to recommend anything for this theme...and then I remembered keraha.

Title: After Death
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Canon-specific twist on "there's someone looking over your shoulder".

Title: Fracturing
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Not totally cannon but TOTALLY disturbing. L falling apart.

Title: Lovely Boy
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Really not cannon. Also, REALLY NOT WORKSAFE: NC-17. Light and L.

...Yeah. You have no idea how much I wanted to recommended keraha's A Piece of Light for this theme (I may have already recommended this for the "original characters" theme?), but sadly, it's friendslocked. It's about a boy who lives alone in a gigantic house with his delusional mother (Misa), waiting for and idolizing his absent father (Light). You should all friend her and read it ahaha, nothing to see here.

A lot of the Death Note fics on my rec page here are sort of creepy, now that I think about it. The creepiest may be

World Tilted Two Degrees by lynnxlady (Misa feeling that something is off), and
Curtain Call by Vagracy (Light's thoughts during a major canon event)

through neither is a "horror" story, really.
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