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february admin

It's February 28th today, but 2008 is a leap year! The last day to post horror fanfiction recommendations will therefore be FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29th. If you have a favorite creepy fic, now is the time to post about it.

Big thanks to ai_ling and v_voltaire for recommending for this theme. To the one person who I know has considered recommending for it, but who hasn't gotten around to it yet, SEARCH YOUR HEART: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. And to everyone else, SEARCH YOUR BOOKMARKS: IT'S NOT TOO LATE. (Says the slacker mod with no room to talk.)

Next month's theme will begin promptly (for once!) on March 1st. The theme will be Stockholm syndrome, which for community purposes we are going define broadly as any case where the abused feels a connection to the abuser, the abducted to the abductor, etc. Thanks to ai_ling for the topic.
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