a limited function (lacunarity) wrote in fanthology,
a limited function

Red and Yellow [KH/SH]; The Weakness and Power of Flawed Depth Perception [ffviii]

Title: Red and Yellow
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts and Silent Hill series (as well as several other minor series)
Location: horror_hearts
Author: alba_aulbath
Status: WIP
Length: Multi-Chapter
Summary: Saix, Marluxia, and Demyx are sent on a mission in a quiet place called Silent Hill.
Rating: R

Title: Final Fantasy VIII: The Weakness and Power of Flawed Depth Perception
Fandom: FFVIII
Location: here
Author: heyheyrenay
Status: Complete
Length: ~10k, part of a larger series but it stands on its own
Summary: There's no Cure for a mission gone wrong.
Rating: PG
Tags: category: horror, series: final fantasy, series: kingdom hearts, series: silent hill
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