subdee (sub_divided) wrote in fanthology,

February Theme

Whoops, nearly lost another month there. -_-; Sorry guys, I kind of let January go by without ending the last session or announcing a new theme. So here's the official announcement: December's theme (sickness) is over! This week, instead of scrambling to find a theme for the last week of January, I think we'll just look ahead February.

February is the shortest month and, for those of us prone to seasonal affective disorder living in the northern hemisphere, often the most depressed as well. That has nothing to do with the theme; I just thought I'd mention it.

February's theme will be: HORROR. The creepiest, most disturbing, most unnerving fanfiction you haven't blocked out of memory is the general idea here. The session will start on February first.

Have fun! ^__^
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