subdee (sub_divided) wrote in fanthology,

Deathfic - Yu Go Oh!

First, a quick reminder that we're about halfway through November. If you ever wanted to rec fanfiction where at least one character dies, the next two weeks would be the time!

Second, a recommendation:

Title: Being Dead Ain't Easy
Author: D. Draggy
Series: Yu Gi Oh!
Notes: Joey Wheeler dies and comes back as a ghost. (So this is possibly more "ghost story" than "death fic".) Eventual Seto/Joey and the pairing stuff is kind of melodramatic and ridiculous. (Have you ever read something where the author was so good at cannon characterization that she sort of sabotages her own pet fanon pairing?) But the story takes a long time to get there. XD; Hilarious but also epic, good voice.
Tags: category: deathfic, series: yu gi oh!
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