subdee (sub_divided) wrote in fanthology,

Trained Killers - FF7, Naruto, Swordspoint, Tokyo Babylon

Running late -_-;.

Title: a study in bs
Fandom: FF7
Author: memlu
Comments: Reno and Rude being jerks.

Title: [untitled]
Fandom: Naruto
Author: mattador
Comments: Short story where Anko is Hanabi's genin instructor. I like the implied motivation here: not thinking about the ethics of a system that trains pre-teens to kill, just continuing the status quo for family and friends. Part of a series, with lynxlady, collected here. (Edit: Forgot to mention that this full of Anko/Hanabi UST.)

Title: als Selbstzweck
Fandom: Swordspoint
Author: Todesengel (no contact info since it's Yuletide)
Comments: Ummm, Alec thinks Richard assassinating people is hot? Short oneshot.

Title: White Hands
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X
Author: Leareth
Comments: The ultimate oldskool Seishirou fic.
Tags: category: trained killer, series: final fantasy, series: naruto, series: swordspoint, series: tokyo babylon
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