Stockholm Syndrome (Naruto)

Title: Vessel
Fandom: Naruto
Author: RiikiTikiTavi
Author Website: Lemon Wing
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-Chapter
Keywords: Deidara/Sakura, Kisame, Itachi
Genre: Romance, a bit of Drama
Rating: PG
Comments: To paraphrase the author's notes, 'something along the lines of a fluffy forbidden romance. If forbidden romances had fluff, that is. And a sociopath as the romantic lead.' One of the interesting things about this case of Stockholm Syndrome is that, since the characters are ninja, not only is it being purposely cultivated, but everyone involved is aware of its being at work...
'…and it was working. She knew what they were doing, and it was still working.
Sakura would never dismiss a cliché out-of-hand again.'

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this fic also has a WIP sequel (or actually a not!sequel according to the author, who never intended Vessel to have a sequel), Diplomacy.
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Horror (Harry Potter/Anita Blake crossover)

Two days late, whee! But this is THE horror fic for me, so I had to rec it.

Title: Inevitable
Fandom: Harry Potter/Anita Blake crossover
Author: Mhalachai (mhalachaiswords)
Comments: A late-night run-in with werewolves in the woods outside St. Louis dumps Harry Potter into a whole new world of trouble. Now Anita Blake has to deal with a new charge as well as Death-Eaters come to town.
I'm not reccing this for horror because of the vampires, or the werewolves, or the other assorted things that go bump in the night. I'm reccing this for horror because of the terrible hollow feeling that I got inside when reading it. Some ways into the fic, Anita starts undergoing some serious, serious mindfuckery, and experiencing the inside of her skull as Mhalachai writes it was very disturbing. She's hurting, in agony, and terribly isolated, and terribly desperate that no one must ever find out, and to me it was a disturbingly effective trip down a road of psychological horror.
I don't guarantee that everyone will share this experience; this fic may press my psychological horror buttons but not necessarily other people's. But for what it's worth, here's a fic that truly managed to give me a scary hollow feeling inside.
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horror, death note

I didn't think I'd be able to recommend anything for this theme...and then I remembered keraha.

Title: After Death
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Canon-specific twist on "there's someone looking over your shoulder".

Title: Fracturing
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Not totally cannon but TOTALLY disturbing. L falling apart.

Title: Lovely Boy
Fandom: Death Note
Author: keraha
Comments: Really not cannon. Also, REALLY NOT WORKSAFE: NC-17. Light and L.

...Yeah. You have no idea how much I wanted to recommended keraha's A Piece of Light for this theme (I may have already recommended this for the "original characters" theme?), but sadly, it's friendslocked. It's about a boy who lives alone in a gigantic house with his delusional mother (Misa), waiting for and idolizing his absent father (Light). You should all friend her and read it ahaha, nothing to see here.

A lot of the Death Note fics on my rec page here are sort of creepy, now that I think about it. The creepiest may be

World Tilted Two Degrees by lynnxlady (Misa feeling that something is off), and
Curtain Call by Vagracy (Light's thoughts during a major canon event)

through neither is a "horror" story, really.

Horror (Gundam Wing, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Gokusen)

When at a loss for what to rec, fall back on your fandom roots!

Title: Haunted Ouija Board
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Author: Kumiko
Comments: From Gundam Legends II. Treize and Zechs.

Title: The China Mist
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Author: Kumiko
Comments: Also from Gundam Legends II. Treize, Zechs and Wufei.

Alas, Lorena's fics are no longer on the web, but she also once had quite a few excellent Gothic horror stories in her archive.

The other tried and true method: go through your friends' writing archives!

Title: An Honest Day's Work
Fandom: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Author: sub_divided
Comments: Not precisely a horror story per se, but I should think that a graveyard makes for an appropriately creepy setting.

Title: The Naming of the Horror
Fandom: Gokusen
Author: lacewood
Comments: Does it count as horror if it's parodying horror?
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february admin

It's February 28th today, but 2008 is a leap year! The last day to post horror fanfiction recommendations will therefore be FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29th. If you have a favorite creepy fic, now is the time to post about it.

Big thanks to ai_ling and v_voltaire for recommending for this theme. To the one person who I know has considered recommending for it, but who hasn't gotten around to it yet, SEARCH YOUR HEART: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. And to everyone else, SEARCH YOUR BOOKMARKS: IT'S NOT TOO LATE. (Says the slacker mod with no room to talk.)

Next month's theme will begin promptly (for once!) on March 1st. The theme will be Stockholm syndrome, which for community purposes we are going define broadly as any case where the abused feels a connection to the abuser, the abducted to the abductor, etc. Thanks to ai_ling for the topic.
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February Theme

Whoops, nearly lost another month there. -_-; Sorry guys, I kind of let January go by without ending the last session or announcing a new theme. So here's the official announcement: December's theme (sickness) is over! This week, instead of scrambling to find a theme for the last week of January, I think we'll just look ahead February.

February is the shortest month and, for those of us prone to seasonal affective disorder living in the northern hemisphere, often the most depressed as well. That has nothing to do with the theme; I just thought I'd mention it.

February's theme will be: HORROR. The creepiest, most disturbing, most unnerving fanfiction you haven't blocked out of memory is the general idea here. The session will start on February first.

Have fun! ^__^